Free Falling in Fear

Free falling in fear-No husband that cares-

Alone to fight the past.


His deep angers scare – But he’s not there-

My groom rejects me.                          
Pulverized by the pain – no color  remains. 

Life is black.

Breaking bleeding gasping – Night is lasting.

Lying abandoned on the battlefield.                                            
There are no tears – trauma repeats for years.

I have constructed a wall.

Safe in isolation – it becomes my vacation.

He can not hurt me so much.
Chemicals dumped in brain – terror reigns.                                    

His sin obliterate a family

Truly the worst part- He has walked a way with my heart

Everyone “has a limit.”

His words are roaring – life’s has lost its’ mooring.
Jesus’ gentle words are calling 

Let go, my heart – This is only a part.

You are caught in your free falling. 



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