In the dark …

May 25th, 2019

The sun is setting
And I am sitting in the beach alone.
The whole world is lit up by the falling ball over there
melting behind the trees.
Half at a time at least.
Night is coming.
It’ll be dark.
If the moon doesn’t reflect the light…
It’ll be dark.

The pink and blue clouds
I see will disappear.
Not really.
They will be there.
Suspended above my head.
But it’ll be dark.

The waves will roll in all through the night.
All night, they will proclaim power as the pound the sand and shells.
I might hear them.
Just not see them.
It’ll be dark.

The couple looking out across the sea, casting dreams upon the deep,
Will head for their car.
They will close their eyes after crawling into bed.
It’ll be dark.

In the dark,
People won’t toss a Nerf football or go for a swim at the beach,
But there ocean will ebb and flow regardless.

In the dark,
Dreams spoken of during a walk in the hot sand
Turn into dreams of a time yet to come.

In the dark,
Clouds hang heavy over hearts not realizing the sweet dreams once skipped across the salty, silvery surface.

In the dark,
Life is difficult.

We stumble
over what would have been apparent in the light.

The warmth
of the yellow blanket
that lay over us that day
is snatched back.

The security
of seeing
our surroundings
is traded for
constant shoulder-checking.

The sunshine sadly ceases.
Night falls.
I’m scared.
In the dark.

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