I’ve Got A  Fail proof Plan to Avoid Rejection and Abandonment

Go to sleep at 5 pm when the family gets home from school and work.

Wake up at 4 am when no one is around and enjoy the quiet.

Do your life at opposite hours of the people in your life.

This is a legit way to avoid conflict. By avoiding humans, you can effectively avoid reactions, comments, disappointment, submitting to others agendas, and all manner of hurts. If they aren’t awake, they can’t rain on your parade.

One big problem: You are alone. Except… you weren’t meant to do life apart from others. Community is a saving grace. Family, of all sorts – biological, church, other women, friends, work, ministry, charity – are for your benefit.

Listen, IF God is good AND He created the institution of family at the time of creating this universe, THEN family – again, of all sorts, must be good.

Don’t get me wrong. Family can be bad. Really bad. There is sexual abuse inside the walls of your neighbors house. And sometimes there it is. Inside your spaces. The ones thst should be safe. I am angry that girls get used and even blamed for the gross sin of others.

But it ISN’T the construct of family that is bad.  It IS the destruction of family that’s destructive.  We were created in perfection and set in a family to be loved, protected, nurtured, and safe. And these should happen when a momma and daddy live out their God-given calling to steward the gift of their children well.

In the other sorts of families, like church families, you find older women mothering all kinds of daughters. Clean up in the kitchen after a church event and you will likely rub shoulders with some dear saints. Open up a conversation with them. And then just shut up. I say that in the most trying-to-be-helpful of ways. Lean in to hear their stories and wisdom. Ahh, family! Good, good stuff there.

Go, find your family. Go on. Get!

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