What I want to Remember About: Jennie Allen's book "Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts"

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Romans 2:2 This means it is possible.

All the things she researched and wrote about dealing with brain science:

  • Brain plasticity
  • thought patterns go from EMOTION to THOUGHT to BEHAVIOR to RELATIONSHIP SHAPING to a CONSEQUENCE….. and the spiral begins again with the emotion.

BUT WHAT IF… we just took one thought captive.

The LIES we believe about ourselves boil down to one of 3 possibilities: I am worthless. I am helpless. I am unlovable. And these are all rooted in what we believe about God.

If God is exalted, a thousand minor problems will be solved at once.

A.Z. Tozer

There is a real DEFEATED devil that has demons working for him now and the battle is for our hearts and souls and minds AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Beth Moore says there are 3 kids of pits: the kind we jump into, the kind we slip into accidentally and the kind we are thrown in.

The danger of toxic thinking is it produces an alternate reality, on e which distorted reasoning actually seems to make sense.

Psalm 139 the where can I go psalm.

….. the moment when you have a wake-up call, snap out of it, come to Jesus moment, “mom up” challenge and you finally realize I have let Satan beat me up for far too long. And you declare war. Go to battle. FIGHT LIKE HELL. Take back the territory lost to the enemy and RECLAIM your life.


I gonna see a victory, for the battle belongs to You, Lord. No weapon formed against me will prosper. Gonna worship my way through this battle. You take what the enemy meant for evil and You turn it for good.

Elevation Worship son, See a Victory

Girl Interrupted: the interrupting thought is I have a choice. To have the mind of Christ. To go one of 2 directions. Romans 8:5 refers to those who love according to the flesh… and those who SET THEIR MINDS ON THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT. so Practice the art of interruption. [slight edge]

Work needs to be done. Hard work. Reboot of the mind stuck. Frozen. Glitching. Mindshifts need to made. {me personally – from Will Smith recording: We aren’t in real danger until our toes are on the edge of the helicopter’s open door. WE must see the patterns in our thought lives. We must recognize the enemy and barriers: the devil, our wounds, our sin.

Change is a big task. Thankfully for us: big God. And there are resources He created for our good – community, service and gratitude are HUGE IN RECOVERY. Deut 20 Today you are drawing near for battle.. for the Lord you God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you the victory.

Busyness – why emotion of DISCONTENT and insecurity course corrected by the interrupting thought — I choose to be still. Lots of co-dependence on OTHER things being right in the world vs. God-dependence.

[Negative emotion] because [reason]. So and so did this, my circumstances my own poor choices I wont stop. OR..

[Negative emotion] AND [reason] so I will [CHOICE].

Isolation – why emotion of SHAME Phil 2:1-2 Col 3:12-16 is course corrected by squad, tribe, posse, COMMUNITY. so father your team, seek out healthy people, feel awkward and ASK anyways, say yes to invitations. Be all of you. You can choose to be fake, class it up for the audience, OR i CAN RELISH MY WHOLEHEARTED MESS OF A SELF WITH A GOOD BIT OF SELF-DEPRECATION AND LAUGHTER AND BE AT PEACE, JUST BEING ME. Be the friend you wish others would be for you.

For family healing, work on togetherness having a good vibe and make connections that are life-giving to the family and members.

The Last 2% the card you hold closest to your heart. PLAY IT. Be vulnerable. Transparent. Authenticity. When we don’t play our last cards, the devil has us in our secrets. SAY IT OUTLOUD AND SEE THE POWER OF SECRECY BE BROKEN

FEAR OF A REAL OF PERCEIVED THREAT is course corrected when SURRENDER TO HIS CONTROL happens. Behavior resulting is submission to God’s AUTHORITY. – then we are present and open and it ends UNAFRAID. Afraid living leads to not trusting, hypervigilance, looking out for number one, controlling as much as we can, manipulation more and ends in CONSTANT ANXIETY. This earth is not MY home. Heaven is my home and IT IS SECURE. Name the lies. Belt up skirt up. Let’s go beetches.

CYNICISM attitude resulting from HURTS people can not be trusted or interrupting thought GOD IS TRUSTWORTHY and will in the end, work all things out, leads to believing the best in others, and moving towards TRUST.

Major coping skill – GRATITUDE TRANSFORMATION Glenis Hargreaves Beauty and awe awakens us and restarts our hearts. There is a world beyond this UGLY GROSS VILE PLACE I FIND MYSELF IN.

LOOK AT seashells, flowers, ferns and clouds. Such intention, craftsmanship, incredible functionality, beauty and proof of God. The heavens declare the glory of God Psalm

SELFISHNESS uses displays itself in ANGER – but ends in being unknown and feeling unloved but the INTERRUPTING THOUGHT – I have a choice to serve God and others. and the flower of HUMILITY GROWS THERE.

VICTIM SELF-PITY seeking purpose in the pain, for the pain, gifts we didn’t ask for interrupting thought – I CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL. think: My circumstances are an opportunity to experience God, then I will give thanks in the mess, be forgiving in relationships and end up JOYFUL instead of complaining and grumbling through life, looking to place blame, and consistently UNhappy.

Complacent? Choose to seek the good of others over my own comfort. or other alternative. Bad place :Starts with STRESS to i can do whatever i want to pursuing self-indulgence to self-serving relationships and end up BORED.

Contagious minds. Healthy thinking spread because the proof is in the pudding. Be patient with others around you who don’t recognize the negative patterns they are stuck in and they spiral in stress, emotionally unstable, co-dependent on all the things being easy and tidy. Let God be God. You can not fix them Suzanne. but take the slight edge. every second is a choice – poor judgment or achieving your goals or the purpose God has for you life and accepting the path to get there.

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